Welcome to our Changelog, this is a log of all Bug Fixes, Feature Releases and Improvements that have been made in PomoDone App.

JULY 3, 2019


  • PomoDone Log:

    • now you can calculate your time with and without break time

    • new charts: pie and stacked one

  • Pomodoro Timer for students officially launched: Free Lite plan for GitHub Developer Pack account

JUNE 7, 2019


  • Projects order issue on mobile for Nozbe: resolved

  • Meistertask: create new task without due date issue: resolved

  • Log page: Task names are selectable and copyable now


  • Log page: instead of days we show how many hours spent on tasks

  • GitLab integration: new API version implemented

  • Evernote integration: now you can open permalink in browser or in the desktop app

MAY 29, 2019


  • Android (Samsung) issue for rotation has been fixed

  • Chrome extension:

    • Break is being shown in the embedded timer for the relevant task

    • Bug for Chrome timer + Calendar Blocking and Chrome Timer + Zapier fixed.

  • Integrations:

    • Google Tasks: Improved, missed tasks are available, subtasks are available for Premium plan users.


  • Mobile Apps:

    • Ambient sound pack is ready to be released (for Premium Plans users only)

    • 2 more timers can be configured (up to 5, for Premium Plans users only)

  • Basecamp 3 integration: Due date is available in the PomoDone App