Useme for PomoDone Users

How does it work?

Useme allows you to send an invoice to your Employer in order to get paid for jobs done online. You don't need to run a company.

When you send an invoice Useme concludes two contracts at the same time: a contract of specific work with you and another contract with your Employer. On this basis, Useme collects money from the Employer, secures it and transfers it to you.

At first, your Employer gets your offer by email with a preliminary invoice attached. After this invoice is paid, the employer gets a VAT invoice instantly. This way, your Employer hires you in a simplified way and receives an invoice for every online job offered.

Time Log records from PomoDone app is a confirmation of time spent on a particular project. An Employer who’s paid a preliminary invoice confirms that the project is accepted. This way Useme can transfer money to you right after the Employers pays. The transfers are done either in a traditional way or by instant online payments.

Finally, you get a confirmation by mail that a particular project for the Employer was done and paid in gross amount. At the end of the year, that income should be declared to your local tax office and all necessary taxes should be paid. You will get all information about tax declaration by mail.

How does Useme pay you?

To pay you, Useme needs your account number in IBAN format and BIC/SWIFT code. You can find it on the website of your bank. Transfers are sent twice a day on weekdays.

How much does it cost?

Commission rates applied in Useme depend on the value of the deal. The transfer of your pay is free of charge. See the details

Instruction step by step

1. At your PomoDone Account, go to the Log section and check time log records that you want to send to the Employer. Then click on “Get paid for the job done”.

Check tasks you'd like to get paid for, and click the Get Paid button

2. Check hours and hourly rate. Add e-mail address of the Employer and (an optional) description of a job done, then click the “Send Invoice” button.

Check hours and your hourly rate

3. If you do it for the first time, Useme asks to fill information about you (as a Freelancer – the party to the contract with Useme) and the Employer (please note that this data will appear on the invoice).

Fill information about you and the Employer

If it’s another contract with the same Employer, then you don’t need to fill the information about Freelancer nor Employer, it's already there.

4. Check if the information received from PomoDone app is correct - price, description, budget, etc. Accept terms and conditions and click “Send the invoice

Check if the information and click “Send the invoice”

5. Your offer is saved and sent to administrators at Useme. The invoice is verified and sent to the Employer – you will be notified of every step of the process by email (make sure the emails from Useme are not marked as spam).

The invoice is verified and sent to the Employer

If you have any question about the process, please check Useme help center or write directly at